Sunday, May 23, 2010


Andrew had a slight temp and a runny nose today. I took him to church. Aaron was singing today in sacrament meeting. It was a beautiful rendition of, "Be Still My Soul". He sand with Brother Stoner, Nelson, Nelson the younger.

James was upset at me today for taking his umbrella away today. He was not walking with it carefully and was banging it into people. He was really upset that I would let him get wet. I had to explain to him in church that he was being dangerous. When he understood the why of it all he understood that I was not trying to be mean, I was protecting others. He now has a temperature. I need to check it again and make sure he is not to hot.

Gabriella, slept almost through the whole block of meetings. I am now in the nursery and loving it.

We had Nisah Al Akim over for dinner tonight. She was just delightful. We laughed a lot tonight. It is always nice to have someone over who relaxes the room.

The talks in sacrament were on geneology and doing it. They were wonderful. writing on my blog is doing my geneology.

I just love warm rainy days.

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