Sunday, July 5, 2009

Drew Warby

Well we have a new addition to our family. He arrived on July 1, 2009, 9 lbs, 21.3 inches. The kids love him, James especially. Drew had not urinated for about 24 hours so he could not get circumcised until he did. I told James and daddy we need to pray to Heavely Father to help Drew to urinate. James immediately prayed that he would pee. About 3 hours later I called Aaron to tell him that Drew was going to get circumcised and James wanted to talk to me. He asked, "mommy did Drew pee." I responded, "Yes he did James." James squealed with delight, "Yeah now he can come home!" Even the sincere prayer of a five year old really does work. Gabby insists on holding "Baby Dew" about three times a day. She holds him maybe for 15 seconds and she is good for 3 hours. She loves to sit on the arm rest of my recliner and sit by Drew when I am nursing him. She will snuggle into my arm and pat his head. It is adorable. We all have colds so we are all praying Drew does not get it.

James and Gabby love holding Drew. He is really a sweet baby. James looks forward to coming home from school and holding Drew. I am already mixing up the boys two names. Aaron, is helping out at home and the kids love having him home so much. He is always so busy with work and church. I just realized Aaron never had me take one picture of him. He loves to take pictures but not be in one. I will have to force him to be in a picture.