Monday, May 31, 2010


This last week has been sickly. James was home 4 of the 5 days of school last week with a high temperature. The funny thing was he did not show any signs of illness except for the temperature. He played all day. Friday his fever broke. He went to school.

Sunday night Andrew was crawling to Aaron wimping and then just collasped on the floor and fell asleep. We had people over for dinner so Aaron just though hugh he must be tired how cute. I came out and saw Andrew on the floor and thought well he did not have a good nap today he is just tired. I put a blanket on him. I checked on him after dinner and he felt warm I took Drew upstairs and felt I should take a rectal temp, it was 102.4. Andrew did not fight me when I took his temp. That's a bad sign when a baby does that. I gave him Motrin IB and held him he felt like he was getting hotter. I took him to the E.R. They gave us more anti fever meds and eye drops. The Doc said come back if he is not better.

The next day he seemed okay not great but okay. I treated his fevers and held him. I was more concerned with Gabby and her pain and getting her to the doctors. Today I took him to see the Nurse Practioner. I love Nurse Practioners. Andrew has a double ear infection. His temp last night was 103.7 timpanic. I should have taken a rectal but I thought I'll give him motrin and he'll be okay. It took and hour to an hour an a half to the motrin to take effect. He was arching his back and crawling around and could not get comfortable. He also did not want to nurse. I am glad we now know what he has and can treat it.

Gabby got his fever. It went away in a day then on Sunday night at 0130 she woke up crying that her ear hurt. I gave her motrin and we went to bed. When the motrin was up she started to cry again complaining about her ear, I gave her motrin again. I decided to take her to the E.R. Gabby was able to tell the medical assistant that her pain looked like frowning face # 4. I and the medical assistant was impressed with Gabby's ability to be so decisiveness on her pain. Well the doc said it was a virus cause she did not have a temp. I told him I gave her motrin and I would like to recheck her temp she feels warm now. I took a rectal there in the E.R., Gabby was not happy about it but she was brave. Her temp was 101.7. The doctor changed his mind and ordered anitbiotics. I am so grateful I listen to that little voice that said that temperature they took under her tongue it incorrect. I feel the voice was the Lord watching out for Gabby. I feel the Spirit confirm this as I type. Gabby is much better today her ear still hurts but not as bad.

James got a spiderman web slinger thing. It sprays silly string out. James could not get it to work Aaron told James he was doing it wrong and showed him what to press. James pressed it and got a face full of silly string. Aaron thought I bet that upset James. Instead James ran outside and said,"That was a happy surprise!" I love how James always sees the glass half full.

Gabby is always saying, "I like that." and I will say, "Me too." and then she will say (which I use to always say),"Me three, Me four, me five." It is really cute.

Andrew was so proud of himself when he took all of his med so easily. Of course I praised quite enthusiastically.

I love Aaron for all of his help. I love the Lord for helping me to help others this week like Julie Rust when she needed someone to watch her kiddos while she went to the Doctors' and shopping, and a Sunday night dinner with adults. And helping Trish Longoria with Church. It was great

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