Monday, May 31, 2010


This last week has been sickly. James was home 4 of the 5 days of school last week with a high temperature. The funny thing was he did not show any signs of illness except for the temperature. He played all day. Friday his fever broke. He went to school.

Sunday night Andrew was crawling to Aaron wimping and then just collasped on the floor and fell asleep. We had people over for dinner so Aaron just though hugh he must be tired how cute. I came out and saw Andrew on the floor and thought well he did not have a good nap today he is just tired. I put a blanket on him. I checked on him after dinner and he felt warm I took Drew upstairs and felt I should take a rectal temp, it was 102.4. Andrew did not fight me when I took his temp. That's a bad sign when a baby does that. I gave him Motrin IB and held him he felt like he was getting hotter. I took him to the E.R. They gave us more anti fever meds and eye drops. The Doc said come back if he is not better.

The next day he seemed okay not great but okay. I treated his fevers and held him. I was more concerned with Gabby and her pain and getting her to the doctors. Today I took him to see the Nurse Practioner. I love Nurse Practioners. Andrew has a double ear infection. His temp last night was 103.7 timpanic. I should have taken a rectal but I thought I'll give him motrin and he'll be okay. It took and hour to an hour an a half to the motrin to take effect. He was arching his back and crawling around and could not get comfortable. He also did not want to nurse. I am glad we now know what he has and can treat it.

Gabby got his fever. It went away in a day then on Sunday night at 0130 she woke up crying that her ear hurt. I gave her motrin and we went to bed. When the motrin was up she started to cry again complaining about her ear, I gave her motrin again. I decided to take her to the E.R. Gabby was able to tell the medical assistant that her pain looked like frowning face # 4. I and the medical assistant was impressed with Gabby's ability to be so decisiveness on her pain. Well the doc said it was a virus cause she did not have a temp. I told him I gave her motrin and I would like to recheck her temp she feels warm now. I took a rectal there in the E.R., Gabby was not happy about it but she was brave. Her temp was 101.7. The doctor changed his mind and ordered anitbiotics. I am so grateful I listen to that little voice that said that temperature they took under her tongue it incorrect. I feel the voice was the Lord watching out for Gabby. I feel the Spirit confirm this as I type. Gabby is much better today her ear still hurts but not as bad.

James got a spiderman web slinger thing. It sprays silly string out. James could not get it to work Aaron told James he was doing it wrong and showed him what to press. James pressed it and got a face full of silly string. Aaron thought I bet that upset James. Instead James ran outside and said,"That was a happy surprise!" I love how James always sees the glass half full.

Gabby is always saying, "I like that." and I will say, "Me too." and then she will say (which I use to always say),"Me three, Me four, me five." It is really cute.

Andrew was so proud of himself when he took all of his med so easily. Of course I praised quite enthusiastically.

I love Aaron for all of his help. I love the Lord for helping me to help others this week like Julie Rust when she needed someone to watch her kiddos while she went to the Doctors' and shopping, and a Sunday night dinner with adults. And helping Trish Longoria with Church. It was great

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Drew was Up ill Last Night

Drew woke up at 0030 crying nothing seemed to sooth him. I would try to nurse him and he would nurse for a minute and then writhe in pain, arch his back, and start to cry. I tried cuddling again he would writhe in pain, arch his back, and start to cry. We gave him Tylenol after five minutes of him calming down and then starting the whole thing over again. I had insomnia and so I took Andrew downstairs. He finally fell asleep 30 to 40 minutes later. It was sad to watch because he would get comfortable for a few minutes and then wake up and start the whole writhing in pain again. He would seek comfort and relief from me and I could not give it too him. Finally the tylenol kicked in and he was fine.

I took James and Drew to the Dr. Malari (I like him). He cultured all 3 of them for strept. It came back negative. Dr. Malari called me to tell me that the culture was negative and they woud keep watching it. I love that when doctors take the time to call even when things are negative. That way I know they didn't just forget about it. Not that they would intentionally would, on rare occassions it can happen. So I like him as a doctor.

Tonight Brother Skelton came over to assist with a blessing for Andrew. He has not really gain any wieght since he was 8 months and I am getting a little worried, he also has been sick for a whole month with a cold. Maybe it is just teething. Aaron gave the blessing Brother Skelton assisted. It was beautiful and assured Andrew would have no long term effects.
When Brother Skelton came over Leeanna his daughter was with him. James was outside and saw the Skeltons walk up. I heard him yell, "My friends you are here! Welcome to my house!"

James misses his cousins in the states and asks when can we go home to our other house and see our cousins. I remember when seeing my cousins meant everything to me in the summer. I told him not for a whole year. I think James is ready to move to the U.S. I am grateful that he loves his extended family so much.

Gabby went to bed with her princess sunglasses on and stuffed animals all around her. She asked me to close her door. Which was a first she has a slight fever too. I think she is just tired and knows she needs the rest. She usually sneaks out of her room and come downstairs to be with us. When we take her back to bed she cries and has us sing her lulabies and cuddle her. It takes a long to for her to fall asleep. The funny thing is she is so tired yet she will fight sleep.
I met an old friend from San Diego, Erica. It was so funny because I was thinking about her 2 days ago. There I was in the comissary parking lot and I turned around and we both recognised each other. We picked up where we left off before.

The Lord loves us and His Church has been restored to the earth again. Its true.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Kids all sick with Temperatures

James stayed home from school with a temperature. He said nothing hurt him. Later in the day Gabby had a temperature. When I asked them again, "Where it hurt?" They replied, "Nowhere."
I asked Aaron for a blessing, he asked me to prepare by reading my scriptures for 30 minutes. As soon as I sat down Andrew wanted to play and Gabby came down to cuddle. I was chewing gum and blowing bubbles and Andrew was popping them with his fingers. He thought it was amazing. When I stopped chewing the gum he kept opening my mouth to see where the gum went. Poor guy.

James played quietly all day at the house, except for the occasional battle between he and Gabby. For family home evening Aaron taught the lesson. The topic was how Christ will leave the ninety and nine to find the one lost sheep. Aaron had the kids act it out. i put the children to bed, I read them scripture stories. We sang scripture power before reading them. I sang abide with me to put them to bed. Andrew is waking up I better get him.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Andrew had a slight temp and a runny nose today. I took him to church. Aaron was singing today in sacrament meeting. It was a beautiful rendition of, "Be Still My Soul". He sand with Brother Stoner, Nelson, Nelson the younger.

James was upset at me today for taking his umbrella away today. He was not walking with it carefully and was banging it into people. He was really upset that I would let him get wet. I had to explain to him in church that he was being dangerous. When he understood the why of it all he understood that I was not trying to be mean, I was protecting others. He now has a temperature. I need to check it again and make sure he is not to hot.

Gabriella, slept almost through the whole block of meetings. I am now in the nursery and loving it.

We had Nisah Al Akim over for dinner tonight. She was just delightful. We laughed a lot tonight. It is always nice to have someone over who relaxes the room.

The talks in sacrament were on geneology and doing it. They were wonderful. writing on my blog is doing my geneology.

I just love warm rainy days.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Andrew woke up yesterday with a cold and I with eye crustations. Andrew and I have been fighting a cold for 4 weeks now! I think it is time to visit the Dr. again. It think he has a low grade fever.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day. I asked Aaron to set up the bike carrier for me to take Andrew and Gabby on a ride. He did so and he then reorganized the bike shed so we could get the bikes in and out easily. He is just so great.

James organized, "The show the Great Bike Race". We raced around the track behind our house. It was a lot of fun. James was on his scooter, Aaron and I were on our bikes. We bought Gabbby a Princess bike yesterday. She rode it and rode it all day long, except when I took her grocery shopping. Then she rode in the bike carrier. While she rode her bike and I mine she would ring her bell and then I would ring my bell. Then I would ring my bell and she would ring hers. It was adorale, but a good reminder that she mimics all that I do.

I need to cut Andrew's nails. He loves to rub my ear when he gets tired, when his nails are long he scratches me and I get upset, then Andrew gets upset. It's not a happy site.

I made chicken enchiladas because Drew was playing with the enchilada sauce cans and dropped on and dinted it. It was a good meal with lots of left overs because enchiladas are to hot for the children.

Aaron shared an insight with me today. He said, "we are all Martha's if we have not read our scriptures for the day, prayed sincerely, had family prayers, and family scripture study. When we do those things then we are Marys' putting Christ first." It reminded me of a general conference talk I heard recently.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Yesterday, I watched my friends children while she got some errands done. Her husband is away for awhile. My friend Julies' boys are really cute and fun. Tate the oldest wanted to play house. He told Gabby she could be the mommy and Lukey was the baby. Gabby ran into her closet where her play clothes were and started to sing while she dressed, "I need put my dress on, my dress on, dress on, oh and my hat." She ran out of the room. It was so cute she was so excited to play with her friends.

James and I had a relatively good time doing homework. I love to see when he does something really well he is so pleased with himself. James is always watching out for his brother Andrew. Drew almost put some Lego's in his mouth and James threw his arm down and removed the Lego's out of Drew's way.

Aaron hung up my favorite picture, "Forgiven" by Gregg Olson and it made my night. I read in the scriptures in Mosiah about how we need to pray for forgiveness and rely on Christ and the Lord will continually forgive us. I need that. For He is mighty to save. I made rolls last night and we had left over chili.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's been a long time

Today I watched a little mormon tube movie about a woman who blogs and she was burned in a plane accident. She blogs everyday, I on the other hand blog once a year. I feel it is time to change that.

Well yesterday was a busy day. I woke up and got distracted. I wanted to finish unpacking. The problem was my house was a mess to I cleaned and mopped. I felt better. When lunch was over it was a mess I clean the kitchen again. Then dinner time rolled around I was to tired to clean the kitchen again. I watched Chuck. Gabby helped me sweep yesterday it was so thoughtful.

I made sausage, onion potatoes, and broccolli Gabby picked up a sausage and said, "I like this food mommy." I think I am going to have to stop trying to be gourmet and be scaled down to get my children to eat. We were at the store and there was doll furniture there that matched Gabby's doll house which has not been at the store for 6 months. I bought her some doll stuff. James was so excited when he saw the new toys he helped Gabby open boxes and set up the furniture and car by the dollhouse.

James is my bright light as usual he tries so hard with his homework. He is learning. I hope he is learning to love learning. This morning he carried a rollie pollie to school to show his class. They are going over life cycles.

Andrew is in my arms insisting to type which makes typing difficult, He makes me laugh. nbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb mmmmmmnnnnnnnnbbbbdsd He became excited when he saw the repeating letters.

Aaron is my busy man barely able to have time for himself. He loves the people in our branch, he tries to serve as Christ would have him serve. I love him for his dedication and selflessness.