Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Drew was Up ill Last Night

Drew woke up at 0030 crying nothing seemed to sooth him. I would try to nurse him and he would nurse for a minute and then writhe in pain, arch his back, and start to cry. I tried cuddling again he would writhe in pain, arch his back, and start to cry. We gave him Tylenol after five minutes of him calming down and then starting the whole thing over again. I had insomnia and so I took Andrew downstairs. He finally fell asleep 30 to 40 minutes later. It was sad to watch because he would get comfortable for a few minutes and then wake up and start the whole writhing in pain again. He would seek comfort and relief from me and I could not give it too him. Finally the tylenol kicked in and he was fine.

I took James and Drew to the Dr. Malari (I like him). He cultured all 3 of them for strept. It came back negative. Dr. Malari called me to tell me that the culture was negative and they woud keep watching it. I love that when doctors take the time to call even when things are negative. That way I know they didn't just forget about it. Not that they would intentionally would, on rare occassions it can happen. So I like him as a doctor.

Tonight Brother Skelton came over to assist with a blessing for Andrew. He has not really gain any wieght since he was 8 months and I am getting a little worried, he also has been sick for a whole month with a cold. Maybe it is just teething. Aaron gave the blessing Brother Skelton assisted. It was beautiful and assured Andrew would have no long term effects.
When Brother Skelton came over Leeanna his daughter was with him. James was outside and saw the Skeltons walk up. I heard him yell, "My friends you are here! Welcome to my house!"

James misses his cousins in the states and asks when can we go home to our other house and see our cousins. I remember when seeing my cousins meant everything to me in the summer. I told him not for a whole year. I think James is ready to move to the U.S. I am grateful that he loves his extended family so much.

Gabby went to bed with her princess sunglasses on and stuffed animals all around her. She asked me to close her door. Which was a first she has a slight fever too. I think she is just tired and knows she needs the rest. She usually sneaks out of her room and come downstairs to be with us. When we take her back to bed she cries and has us sing her lulabies and cuddle her. It takes a long to for her to fall asleep. The funny thing is she is so tired yet she will fight sleep.
I met an old friend from San Diego, Erica. It was so funny because I was thinking about her 2 days ago. There I was in the comissary parking lot and I turned around and we both recognised each other. We picked up where we left off before.

The Lord loves us and His Church has been restored to the earth again. Its true.

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