Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's been a long time

Today I watched a little mormon tube movie about a woman who blogs and she was burned in a plane accident. She blogs everyday, I on the other hand blog once a year. I feel it is time to change that.

Well yesterday was a busy day. I woke up and got distracted. I wanted to finish unpacking. The problem was my house was a mess to I cleaned and mopped. I felt better. When lunch was over it was a mess I clean the kitchen again. Then dinner time rolled around I was to tired to clean the kitchen again. I watched Chuck. Gabby helped me sweep yesterday it was so thoughtful.

I made sausage, onion potatoes, and broccolli Gabby picked up a sausage and said, "I like this food mommy." I think I am going to have to stop trying to be gourmet and be scaled down to get my children to eat. We were at the store and there was doll furniture there that matched Gabby's doll house which has not been at the store for 6 months. I bought her some doll stuff. James was so excited when he saw the new toys he helped Gabby open boxes and set up the furniture and car by the dollhouse.

James is my bright light as usual he tries so hard with his homework. He is learning. I hope he is learning to love learning. This morning he carried a rollie pollie to school to show his class. They are going over life cycles.

Andrew is in my arms insisting to type which makes typing difficult, He makes me laugh. nbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb mmmmmmnnnnnnnnbbbbdsd He became excited when he saw the repeating letters.

Aaron is my busy man barely able to have time for himself. He loves the people in our branch, he tries to serve as Christ would have him serve. I love him for his dedication and selflessness.


Rebecca said...

Unpacking? Where are you now? And I'm happy to see more updates. I always like to see what my friends are doing.

d said...

so good to hear from you!!!