Friday, May 21, 2010


Yesterday, I watched my friends children while she got some errands done. Her husband is away for awhile. My friend Julies' boys are really cute and fun. Tate the oldest wanted to play house. He told Gabby she could be the mommy and Lukey was the baby. Gabby ran into her closet where her play clothes were and started to sing while she dressed, "I need put my dress on, my dress on, dress on, oh and my hat." She ran out of the room. It was so cute she was so excited to play with her friends.

James and I had a relatively good time doing homework. I love to see when he does something really well he is so pleased with himself. James is always watching out for his brother Andrew. Drew almost put some Lego's in his mouth and James threw his arm down and removed the Lego's out of Drew's way.

Aaron hung up my favorite picture, "Forgiven" by Gregg Olson and it made my night. I read in the scriptures in Mosiah about how we need to pray for forgiveness and rely on Christ and the Lord will continually forgive us. I need that. For He is mighty to save. I made rolls last night and we had left over chili.

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