Sunday, July 5, 2009

Drew Warby

Well we have a new addition to our family. He arrived on July 1, 2009, 9 lbs, 21.3 inches. The kids love him, James especially. Drew had not urinated for about 24 hours so he could not get circumcised until he did. I told James and daddy we need to pray to Heavely Father to help Drew to urinate. James immediately prayed that he would pee. About 3 hours later I called Aaron to tell him that Drew was going to get circumcised and James wanted to talk to me. He asked, "mommy did Drew pee." I responded, "Yes he did James." James squealed with delight, "Yeah now he can come home!" Even the sincere prayer of a five year old really does work. Gabby insists on holding "Baby Dew" about three times a day. She holds him maybe for 15 seconds and she is good for 3 hours. She loves to sit on the arm rest of my recliner and sit by Drew when I am nursing him. She will snuggle into my arm and pat his head. It is adorable. We all have colds so we are all praying Drew does not get it.

James and Gabby love holding Drew. He is really a sweet baby. James looks forward to coming home from school and holding Drew. I am already mixing up the boys two names. Aaron, is helping out at home and the kids love having him home so much. He is always so busy with work and church. I just realized Aaron never had me take one picture of him. He loves to take pictures but not be in one. I will have to force him to be in a picture.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Here are the cakes I made for James and Gabby's birthdays. It was fun and hard at the same time. I had a cold when I frosted James cake. As I was frosting his cake my left ear was filling with fluid. I couldn't pop my eardrum by 8 pm and decided to go to the E.R. The doc was very helpful and gave me meds to drain my ear. It took 2 weeks for the ear to drum. I was lucky I did not get and infection.  James is now 5 and Gabby is 2. We are expecting our 3rd in 4 weeks! I can not believe how big the kids are getting and the cute things they are saying.

So we went to Okinawa this last week and it was great. 3 days were rainy and 3 were beautiful. Unfortunately when we went to the beach my batteries had lost power. So you will get pictures of our adventures through out the island. Aaron was there for a business conference so he was unable to play with us most days.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy New Years

Here are some pictures of what we have been doing here in Japan. I got to go and see some snow monkeys with my neighbor and friend Sara. It was a lot of fun. That day I aslo got to see the Black Crow Castle which was beautiful.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Okay it has been a long time since I have blogged. I have been busy. I am an early morning seminary teacher and I am 15 weeks pregnant. So Since mid October I have not felt like doing much than lie on the couch or by the white cool bowl in the bathroom. Well I am on the up and up.  So I am going to blog today.

James and Gabby are growing like weeds. James said the funniest thing last week. We got him a doctors kit and he was listening to Aaron's heart with his toy stethescope, he looked up at Aaron and said, "You have a happy heart, it's sick." Then James proceeded to check Aaron's ears and blood pressure, everytime saying, "It's happy, it's sick." Then he gave Aaron a shot and said, "I gave you a shot you cried, but its okay it only hurts a little. Now you get a sticker and a lollypop. Cause you only cried a little." When Aaron told me what had happen I had a good laugh.

Gabriella woke up this morning and I asked her how did you sleep well.
 She said, "Ahuh." 
I then asked, "Did you have good dreams?"
She said, "yesh." 
I asked her, "What did you dream about?"
With a big smile she responded with a big smile, "Jesus Christ." She continued telling me about her dream but I could not understand what she said  was jibber jabber. Eventhough I am sure she knew what she was telling me. It made me really happy.

Last weekend my friend Sara had an extra ticket to go she the snow monkeys and the Black Castle in Nagano Prefecture. It was a really cool experience. I loved it and felt it was the nicest Christmas present. The monkeys were adorable one was quite the bold one when he went up and started to grab at Sara's coat.  There were 4 rules we had to follow while at the monkey reserve. 1- don't feed the monkeys, 2-don't touch the monkeys, 3-don't stare at the monkeys in the eye (they take it as a challenge and will beat you up) and 4-take all the pictures you want! Pretty cool hugh.

Aaron has been busy at work, but he always has time for his family. He is a great dad and husband. He is so thoughtful. We had a great Christmas! Well I better go.