Saturday, May 22, 2010


Andrew woke up yesterday with a cold and I with eye crustations. Andrew and I have been fighting a cold for 4 weeks now! I think it is time to visit the Dr. again. It think he has a low grade fever.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day. I asked Aaron to set up the bike carrier for me to take Andrew and Gabby on a ride. He did so and he then reorganized the bike shed so we could get the bikes in and out easily. He is just so great.

James organized, "The show the Great Bike Race". We raced around the track behind our house. It was a lot of fun. James was on his scooter, Aaron and I were on our bikes. We bought Gabbby a Princess bike yesterday. She rode it and rode it all day long, except when I took her grocery shopping. Then she rode in the bike carrier. While she rode her bike and I mine she would ring her bell and then I would ring my bell. Then I would ring my bell and she would ring hers. It was adorale, but a good reminder that she mimics all that I do.

I need to cut Andrew's nails. He loves to rub my ear when he gets tired, when his nails are long he scratches me and I get upset, then Andrew gets upset. It's not a happy site.

I made chicken enchiladas because Drew was playing with the enchilada sauce cans and dropped on and dinted it. It was a good meal with lots of left overs because enchiladas are to hot for the children.

Aaron shared an insight with me today. He said, "we are all Martha's if we have not read our scriptures for the day, prayed sincerely, had family prayers, and family scripture study. When we do those things then we are Marys' putting Christ first." It reminded me of a general conference talk I heard recently.

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