Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Family love

Yesterday I drove maybe 20 miles at the most to get to IKEA to see my brother Josh, his wife Dawn, and their 2 boys. I got lost so I had to pay an extra 400 yen in tolls! Which is not that much but it adds up when you get lost a lot.

We got to IKEA and my 30 minute drive trip seemed like nothing when Josh and Dawn told me how long their trip was 2 hours. They live closer to IKEA than I do. Only traffic in Japan. James and his cousin Calvin had a blast playing at the child watch at IKEA. I enjoyed visitng with Josh and Dawn. Unfortunately Dawn would ask me what I thought about furniture and design and I felt bad cause I had no clue. I have no design talent. Yet it was fun.

The end of the IKEA trip came when James triped Gabby while he and Gabby were suppose to be eating their hotdogs. I was buying some cookies for baby Andrew. Gabby was screaming bloody murder. I came over and promptly took them home. Some Japanese ladies came and assisted Gabby until I arrived. I felt bad for leaving them while I bought cookies. They were in eyesight. I wrongly assumed they would behave if they were eating their hotdogs. Never again.

I got a headache and could hardly move by 9 pm. James came downstairs after going to bed and gave me a kiss, then said, "Moomy, I hope your head ache feels better now. It should." I almost cried he is so loving and kind. What a kid.